Heather Pawsey - soprano
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Heather has written several of her own shows, all of which (except Bubbles ... From Bizet to Broadway) are solo vehicles with piano or orchestra. All are approximately one hour in length and are portable, with a minimum of props and technical requirements, and are copyrighted. Further works are currently in development. Please contact her for more information.

Aria Listening?

A young schoolgirl and a grand opera diva meet with mutual stereotypical preconceptions - and gradually come to admire each other. Presented in schools through the Regina and Saskatoon Public School Boards; Saskatchewan.

Bubbles ... From Bizet to Broadway

A two-hander recounting the adventurous life of champagne maven Charles Heidsieck ("Champagne Charlie"), and celebrating champagne in opera. Presented in Vancouver, B.C.; Moscow; Singapore; and Sydney, Australia, as part of In The Footsteps of Champagne Charlie, a 100-day race around the world using only 19th century transportation.

Eat Your Way Through Opera

An aural and gastronomic feast: a multi-course dinner of opera-inspired dishes (Tournedos Rossini, Pêche Melba) paired with arias by the same composers or the singers who made the music famous. Presented at Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club; Vancouver, B.C.

Love, Loss and ... Libiamo!

The joy of love, the pain of loss .... and the solace of wine! Presented at Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club; Vancouver, B.C.

Madama Diva Divina

Imagine Dame Edna crossed with Maria Callas, and let Madama tell you all, ALL, AAALLLLL about herself! Presented at the Outrageous Women's Cabaret; Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby, B.C.

Mozart and the Muse

Mozart, through his letters and personal reflection, ponders the many women who inspired some of his most glorious music and characters. Presented at Medicine in the Age of Mozart: An International Symposium; Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Puccini Martini

A hard-boiled private eye tells his sad story to the local bartender, revealing a surprising dénouement. Presented for Burnaby Lyric Opera, Shadbolt Centre for the Arts; Burnaby, B.C.

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