Heather Pawsey - soprano
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Audience Response

DEAD Serious

"Stimulating, comforting, inspiring, funny, and uplifting and all done with style, panache and great professionalism. Thank you."
- Colin Miles

"The synergy between voice and instrument was stunning throughout. Powerful / sublime piano and soprano made for a wonderful evening. Thank you all."
- Michael B.

"What a gift - thank you - for me, and for my 3 year old daughter, mesmerized by the sound of the human voice playing with the flute and the piano. Entranced by the intricacies of the art. And me, moved to tears by the photo-based art. Thank you."
- R. Light

"Thank you! A truly enlightening experience."
- Anonymous

"I love the venue! The performance was great! Thanks for sharing ... IÕm at a loss for words!"
- Tiffany

"Congratulations on a truly unique, creative and challenging program, not to mention all your hard work preparing all that repertoire and artwork! Much admiration"
- Karen Lee-Morlang

"May your music and your love span eternally in the after-life. Thank you for your inspiration and creativity."
- Todd

"VERY emotional ..."
- Anonymous

"Love all of it!!"
- Tracie Brook

"Dramatic and thoughtful. Wow - well done! So much thought went into it - full of energy and emotion."
- Winnie

"It was so great! I totally loved it. It was unique and interesting!"
- Hayley Fox

"The concert tonight has given me a whole new "take" on funeral homes, cemeteries and winter evenings. Thank you for the glorious singing!"
- Elaine S.

"I really enjoyed the deadly / comedy contrast in the choice of songs. Very beautiful singing and ambience."
- Denis L.

- Anonymous

"Very unique, fun, and emotional."
- Intan Purnomo

"See you next time!"
- Anonymous

"Not as creepy as I expected. Good. Rather relaxing and uplifting - that was unexpected. Long live good live music."
- Mr. Mann

"Wonderfully executed - oddly enough I felt very welcome and safe with our guides. I would have loved to explore the venue and yards with the music more. You have made my intro to "opera" very memorable and exciting. I canÕt wait for your next event. Thank you for a beautiful evening."
- Anonymous

"Heather, you sing like an angel! Congrats on all your hard work - it paid off."
- Kara



"Brought tears to my eyes several times. Fantastic!!"
- Ruth Vincent, film-maker

"A great evening with many of my favourite local contemporary musicians. An intelligent, accessible and invigorating party!"
- Charlie Cho, CBC Radio One

"What a wonderful evening. Music for all ages, great creativity, inspired composers and performers. Concert halls like this all over the city, the province, the country - the world - IMAGINE!"
- unsigned

"Wonderful evening - very interesting. Nice to hear a range of different musical styles/expressions. Interactive element enhanced the experience. Wow."
- M. So

"A beautiful blending of senses and sensations, interactive experience, original composition - loved some of the poetry as well as music and the grounding in nature as the source of it all."
- Des Beltos

"Very creative - and educational. Appreciated the audience participation. A lot of talented musicians combined to make an eclectic performance. Thank you all - and to your sponsors!"
- unsigned

"This has been an exceptional evening and presentation - the venue miraculous, the music sensational and so creative. To incorporate the sea - the poems - the music - wow! Please keep the creative juices bubbling!"
- unsigned

"I liked the compisishons (sic) and the improvising!"
- Mike

"Thank you for the wonderful music, the walk and search, and for the final composition. I haven't sung for a while in public - it made me laugh!"
- Eva and Charles

"Interactive - great!"
- unsigned

"Fabulous program! Loved the 1st half with the aquariums, and the participation at the end with the instruments and singing really was fun! Thank you for a great night."
- Pat McConve

"Creative - fun - inspiring!"
- Janice Trenholme

"If only more of our society would benefit from such a program - especially with so much emphasis, today, on the planet!!"
- unsigned

"Thank you; it was a very alive experience."
- unsigned

"This was a perfect venue. It combined exploration literally and figuratively."
- unsigned


Sound Waves

"What to say ... The Aquarium is both delighted and proud to have been able to host this most unusual of concerts. It was - in short - a super idea. The results were fantastic. Thank you Heather, Kathryn, Karen and Leslie!"
- John Nightingale, President, the Vancouver Aquarium

"A stunning event. Very sacred."
- unsigned

"A unique experience. I will never think of an aquarium as a place that should be without music ever again. Bravo!"
- unsigned

"Very magical - extremely entrancing music"
- unsigned

"The whole experience was so beautiful I didn't want to clap ... to disturb the ambience. Thank you!"
- Diane Harskamp

"Inspirational, joyous, splendid!"
- Leah and Dario

"Creation and exploration - Wonderful"
- unsigned

"This was an inspired evening - so atmospheric and such challenging music"
- Irene Leviton

"Stunning complement of music and ocean."
- R. Johnston

"Incredible evening, once in a life-time for us as an audience. Thank you for your commitment to new Canadian work!"
- unsigned

"I found the music evocative and beautifully matched to the setting."
- Craig Spence

"Wonderful treat - loved the setting - with music to match! In Tropical Zone: enjoyed interaction with the birds. Enjoyed the Lament with the dolphins - enjoyed watching the beluga dance to the singing! A revelation! Congratulations on the premiere of Whales. It was a marvellous set-up and great performances from everyone!!"
- N. Allen

"I loved many things, especially the music by the dolphins, and the singing by the belugas was amazing - tour de force - I don't know how to describe it. I also loved the last piece melded in with whale songs - very beautiful. My friend especially liked being in the middle of the triangle of performers. The combination of live animals and music was very transporting. Thank you for a wonderful event."
- Cathy McDonald



"I recently attended the most wonderful concert at Government House. Sponsored and hosted by the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, it featured former Reginan Heather Pawsey, soprano, accompanied by David McIntyre. It was a stunning evening. Heather's rich, resonant voice soared through a range of songs with Saskatchewan connections and many of the composers and lyricists were in the audience. It is always a pleasure to visit Government House and the receptions, both at intermission and after the concert, were exquisite."
- Ken Powers (excerpt from a letter printed in the Regina Leader-Post)


Tasting Notes

  • Chamber music concerts, September 2004
  • Recipient of Government of Canada's Canada Music Fund Grant for "New Music in New Places"
  • Calona Vineyards Winery, Kelowna, British Columbia

"... Francine and I were thrilled with the Saturday night show -- truthfully one of the most aesthetically stimulating concerts I've heard in years...."
- Dale Reubart, composer

"This was a wonderful performance and exceptional artistry! Thank you!"
- Lorna Paterson, composer

"Words fail ... what an amazing listening, sensual experience. A unique, truly Canadian happening. What a marvellous privilege to have been a part of this day. It was impossible to be passive - an uplift for the spirit".
- Bill and Susannah Joy

"If there is a contest for best new Canadian music in a new venue, this evening must surely win!"
- unsigned

"The combination of compelling performances, unique music, rich oak and fruit smells, as well as the dance of the fruit flies in the stage lights, created a very special sensual feast. One of many highlights in this wonderful evening. Thank you!"
- Charles Schmirler

"What a wonderful treat this was! A concert with an amazing and unusual venue. The echo effects caused by using the tanks was incredible. The blend of sounds of the three musicians was beautiful. The fact it was all Canadian was a bonus! Thank you!"
- Vince Farr

"Truly innovative, magical, exhilarating. True Canadiana and original. Beyond description. Energizing, spiritual. Setting was so original with tremendous professionalism. BRAVO!! A spiritual experience".
- Dianne Tucker

"This was amazing. I love music, and I love the way you've taken the creative element to a higher level. I had tingles many times, especially during the piece where the voice echoed through the tank and vibrated from the percussion. Well done! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity".
- Joan Dreher

"Congratulations to Heather, Kathryn and Karen! A unique and at times spine-tingling experience. Fun presentation, reflective, dynamic and interactive. A fun new use of winery tanks as massive drums and amplifiers. Look forward to having a similar experience again!"
- Ben and Ruth Stewart, Quails' Gate Estate Winery, Westbank

"Thank you so much. It is hard for me to find the words to describe such awe-inspiring, enchanting, moving sound and music. What a wonderful, original, unique experience! Can we please do it again soon ... After the last piece I just didn't want to move. Even applause seemed like an interruption which brought me back too soon from wherever the music had guided me to. Some of the pieces were just wonderful and it is great to become educated a little more in some contemporary Canadian pieces. I was thrilled to even recognize one of them already. I also liked the sing-along and how you "moved" us from venue to venue. Thank you, thank you, thank you... I hope this will become a yearly event or something will evolve from it."
- Stephanie Gossler, Peachland


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