Heather Pawsey - soprano
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Selected repertoire - full repertoire list available on request

Composer Composition

A capella Voice

R. Murray Schafer Aria of the Princess (The Princess of the Stars)

Voice and Piano

Murray Adaskin Prairie Lily
  A Simple Tune Without Words
Dace Aperans Three Songs with Poems by Emily Dickinson
Violet Archer Life in a Prairie Shack
John Beckwith A Man and his Flute
Patrick Cardy Autumn
Jean Coulthard Noise of Waters
Allan Crossman The Border
  Gretchen am Komputer
Chester Duncan Departures
  Sea Bells
John Fodi Sappho Fragments
Malcolm Forsyth Incantation
Harry Freedman Kitchen Cantata
Mary Gardiner Three Love? Songs
Srul Irving Glick Seven Tableaux from the Song of Songs
John Greer The Red Red Heart
  A Sarah Binks Songbook
Ruth Watson Henderson Night in October
Leila S. Lustig Six Poems of Barbara Holendar
Andrew P. MacDonald Innocence
Michael Matthews Deux Chansons d'Amour (world premiere)
Diana McIntosh Rôles Renversés
David L. McIntyre Evening Out
  You'll Be Sorry
Mark Mitchell Season Songs
Vernon Murgatroyd The Dream Gopher
Jean Papineau-Couture Quatrains
Imant Raminish Three Spanish Lyrics
Elizabeth Raum Carol in Three Three Time
Anthony Rozankovic Operamadeo
Thomas Schudel Edging Out
Rodney Sharman In Every Dying Prairie Town
Harry Somers Evocations
Morris Surdin Prairie Boy, Prairie Boy
Nancy Telfer In the Head's Fierce Caves
Leslie Uyeda And Love Says (world premiere)
  Fresh Snow (world premiere)
  Our Lost Hearts
Claude Vivier Hymnen an die Nacht
John Weinzweig Private Collection

Chamber (2 or more players, other than voice and piano)

Michael Conway Baker One Magic Christmas (world premiere)
Linda Bouchard Risky
Walter Buczynski Two French Love Poems
Kathryn Cernauskas Tasting Notes (world premiere)
Chan Ka Nin On a Quiet Night
Jean Coulthardt Three Early Songs
Clifford Crawley Personal Column
Robert Daigneault Pale Answers
Omar Daniel Three Arias from "Shadows"
  Von dem Buche der Bilder (world premiere)
Paul M. Douglas Seaside Lament
Harry Freedman Toccata
Allan Gilliland Words for Music Perhaps (world premiere)
Leila Lustig Afternoon of a Fan
  Wretched Highway
Mark Mitchell These Flowers
R. Murray Schafer Theseus
Harry Somers Kuyas from Louis Riel
Norman Symonds Deep Ground, Long Water
Nancy Telfer To Dream Again
Leslie Uyeda Whales (world premiere)


Gabriel Charpentier A Tea Symphony or the Perils of Clara
Barbara Pentland The Lake (Susan)
R. Murray Schafer Patria Prologue: The Princess of the Stars (Princess)
Thomas Schudel The Enchanted Cat (Jessa) (world premiere)
Robert Ursan The Snow Queen (Gerda) (world premiere)

Canadian Heritage Songs

N. Fraser Allen Oh! You Canadian Town
Anonymous A New Song Wrote on the Taking of Louisebourg & Co.
Gena Branscombe Glück
James Paton Clarke The Emblem of Canada
C.J. Cornfield Crimson Sunset
Antoine Dessane Le Grillon
Charles Davies The Prairie Settler's Song
William Eckstein 'S Nice
Mayo Evans It's Sunny Alberta for Mine
H. Ford (Canadian Volunteer Song) Up Volunteers!
H.E. Gilbert Where Shall Our Song Be Sung?
Claude Graves Oh! What a Difference Since the Hydro Came
Neil Harris Saskatchewan Hymn
Charles F. Harrison My Own Dear Canada
B.C. Hilliam Here's a Ho! Vancouver
Arthur Hughes The New X-Rays
Michael Kelly We'll Never Let the Old Flag Fall
Calixa Lavallée Andalouse
  Oh, Trust My Love (The Widow)
  Smiling Hope (The Widow)
J.P. Long & M. Scott Oh! It's a Lovely War
Angus Wilson MacPherson Back to Saskatchewan One-Step
Edward Manning Break, Break, Break
  The Young Lady of Niger
  A Young Lady Who Sailed from Ostende
  The Monk of Siberia
Walter MacNutt Take Me To a Green Isle
Rich Miller The People of the Plains
J.W. Dunbar Moodie The Canadian Herd-Boy
Ernest A. Moore Saskatchewan
Pat Mossing I'll Come Home to Saskatchewan
Geoffrey O'Hara K-K-K-Katy
Jospeh Quesnel Le tendre amour (Colas et Colinette)
E.H. Ridout This Canada of Ours
Henry Russell The Canadian Sleigh Song
Henry Sefton Hurrah for Canada
  Our National Game
Ernest Seitz The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
Joseph Vézina Moi, je suis l'enfant du malheur (Le Laureat)
  Rondeau d'amour
Francis Woolcott Oh! No, We Never Talk In French

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