Heather Pawsey - soprano
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Selected repertoire - full repertoire list available on request

* Canadian composer

Composer Composition
Patricia Alessandrini Five Italian Songs for Soprano and Chamber Orchestra (World premiere)
Gilbert Amy D'un desastre obscur
Dominick Argento Songs About Spring
  To Be Sung Upon the Water
* Michael Conway Baker One Magic Christmas (World premiere)
Samuel Barber Hermit Songs
  Knoxville: Summer of 1915
Alban Berg Der Wein
  Zwei Lieder
Kathy Berberian Stripsody
Luciano Berio Folksongs
Leonard Bernstein I Hate Music
  La Bonne Cuisine
* Linda Bouchard Risky
* Patrick Cardy Autumn
* Kathryn Cernauskas Tasting Notes (World premiere)
* Chan Ka Nin On A Quiet Night
  Yeh-Pan Yüeh
* Gabriel Charpentier A Tea Symphony or The Perils of Clara
Gordon Shi-Wen Chin Leaf Print (World premiere)
  Three Songs (North American premiere)
John Corigliano Three Irish Folksong Settings
* Clifford Crawley Personal Column
* Robert Daigneault Pale Answers
Luigi Dallapiccola Quattro Liriche di Antonio Machado
* Omar Daniel Three Arias from "Shadows"
  Von Dem Buche Der Bilder (World premiere)
* Chester Duncan Departures
* John Fodi Sappho Fragments
* Malcolm Forsyth Incantation
* Harry Freedman Toccata
* Allan Gilliland Words for Music Perhaps (World premiere)
* Srul Irving Glick Seven Tableaux from the Song of Songs
* John Greer The Red Red Heart
  A Sarah Binks Songbook
John Harbison Mirabai Songs
  Simple Daylight
Jake Heggie Various songs
* Ruth Watson Henderson Night in October
* Jacques Hétu Les clartés de la nuit
* Andrew P. MacDonald Innocence
* Michael Matthews Deux Chansons d'Amour
* Diana McIntosh Rôles Renversés
* Mark Mitchell Season Songs
  These Flowers
* Jean Papineau-Couture Quatrains
* Barbara Pentland Susan (The Lake)
André Previn The Giraffes Go To Hamburg
* Imant Raminsh Three Spanish Lyrics
Martin Ritter To God (World premiere)
* R. Murray Schafer Princess (Patria Prologue: The Princess of the Stars)
Arnold Schönberg Brettl-lieder
  Pierrot Lunaire
  Six Orchestral Songs Opus 8
* Thomas Schudel Jessa (The Enchanted Cat) (World premiere)
* Harry Somers Evocations
  Kuyas (from Louis Riel)
* Morris Surdin Prairie Boy, Prairie Boy
* Norman Symonds Deep Ground, Long Water
* Nancy Telfer In The Head's Fierce Caves
  To Dream Again
* Robert Ursan Gerda (The Snow Queen) (World premiere)
Rodger Vaughan Three Songs for Soprano and Tuba
Hector Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5
* Claude Vivier Hymnen an die Nacht
Anton Webern Drei Lieder, Opus 25
Kurt Weill Lillian (Happy End)
  Student (Der Jasager)
  Rose (Street Scene)
  Polly/Lucy (The Threepenny Opera)
  Various songs
* John Weinzweig Private Collection
Ralph Vaughan Williams Three Vocalises for Soprano and Clarinet
Alexander Zemlinksy Six Songs, Opus 13

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